Sunday, 27 November 2016

Visualization and cupcake - 20th August 2014

On Monday I attended a talk by Jennie Morton (Osteopath and Performing Arts Medicine Specialist) from the British Association for Performance Arts and Medicine, about healthy practice for musicians. I have been paying much more attention to my posture in order to gain optimal comfort whilst playing my violin. Today at Green Park #1, I tried to keep the front of my chest open by visualizing the sound I was producing, coming out of my back, and drew my shoulders and back into a 'V' shape. Immediately I produced a louder, richer tone, that made me more noticeable.
A suited gentleman gave me a £5 note and some teenagers gave me a turquoise vanilla-flavoured cupcake which I enjoyed munching up the escalator after my performance. It was also asked about the history of my violin: It was made in Germany, according to a Parisian luthier, but the paper stuck inside it says it's from Glasgow and was made in 1804. It's worth more than my double bass - approximately £2,000.

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