Thursday, 8 December 2016

A nice surprise at Charing Cross #2 - 4th September 2014

Pitch #2 at Charing Cross is reputedly one of the coolest pitches within the network to play on over the summer, but tonight it was stifling hot with only the occasional breeze coming through. My neck sweated from having the violin jammed up against it, then aggravatingly, my shoulder rest kept popping off at regular intervals with all the added friction.
It was also a night of pleasant surprises: As I was going to sign in, who should come through the supervisor's office door, but my musician / actor friend, Iain Stuart Dootson. We'd met back in March at a Goal Setting workshop run by the Federation of Entertainment Unions, and have since been friends on Facebook. I had no idea that he was part of the busking scheme; indeed he has held his license for years.
There were attractive smiles and "thank you" aplenty for me tonight, and I observed peoples' 'getting money in my case' technique: For some their coins hit the case and bounce straight out again, but this evening a white-haired old man not only got a £1 coin in my tiny rosin pot, but he threw it backwards with a twisting arm! 

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