Thursday, 8 December 2016

Ballet, arson and Hong Kong dollars - 12th - 14th September 2014

Green Park #1 - 12th September 2014
Young foreign lads paid and then urged me to "play some happy music!" I was grateful for this 'sign' of a comment, as I'm putting a set list of these folk fiddle tunes together for the aforementioned weddings and want to make sure that interspersed with fast, jolly tunes, are some slower pieces that don't sound too dirgelike.
For Tayo's wedding on Saturday 20th at Brentwood Cathedral, she's requested I play 'Kissing You' by Des'ree which I've transcribed as a waltz for violin and it was useful to have a quick practise of it here today, aided by the Underground's sensational acoustics. A delightful little girl with light ginger hair ballet danced along to my music which distracted me from fuming about the 60 dogs deliberately killed in an arson attack at a dogs' home in Manchester today.
Knightsbridge - 13th September 2014
Adding to my malaise of headache heaviness, the supervisor at Knightsbridge was officious with me then droned on and on about the disrupted state of this weekend's train services over the tannoy above my head for the duration of my session. I played my little heart out, but it was as if the passing 'Harrods' crowd were all whispering, "We're not in the mood for you today; you should have guessed that, you stupid cow!" Then a woman scrapped around in her bag for an eternity and pulled out what she may have believed to have been a 50p, but it was, in fact, a Hong Kong two-dollar coin (of no use to me whatsoever)!
Oxford Circus #2 - 14th September 2014
"Do you play waltzes?" a mild guy interjected, and gave me £1 in anticipation of me playing a waltz for him from some sheet music he promised to bring for me to play next time I'm here... Within an hour I'd earned most of my bill money for the week, then a little American guy sidled up and loitered for a while. I refused when he asked to play my violin (he reckoned he could show me a thing or two). I replied I bet he could. He would've lent me his violin if the boot had been on the other foot, he protested. I thought to myself I wouldn't have had the disrespect to ask him, and shouted, "I don't care!" when he told me I wasn't going to get my £1 now. Seconds later the stately black man from last week at this time dropped a screwed up fiver into my case: That's what I call instant karma!
Green Park #1 - 14th September 2014
An Irish man carrying a number of green bottles asked what part of Ireland I was from. I told him I'm not from Ireland; I just play Irish music. He said, "Well, it sounds good, anyway!" and walked off.

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