Thursday, 8 December 2016

Crap session - 11th September 2014

Due to it being 'the time of the month', I was feeling hypersensitive today: Charing Cross #2 used to be a favourite pitch of mine, but it's fast becoming one I may avoid because not only have the station announcements been turned up ridiculously loud to the point where they make me jump, but at midday they repeat every two minutes. Being an acoustic violinist I can't possibly complete with this level of noise and therefore lose money because people can't hear what I'm playing. 
A condescending old man contributed to my bad mood as I was having a breather for a few seconds with the remark, "Even though you're not playing as I'm going past, I do think it's important to support live music," (and gave me £1). That bit was actually ok. It was when he turned around and asked, just before disappearing onto the platform, "Do you do alright at that?" i.e. busking. "Yes, I do," I replied. "REALLY?" he exclaimed. Damn cheek, I thought: What bloody business was it of his, anyway? Give me a violin to play rather than a bland blue business suit to pose in any day!

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