Thursday, 8 December 2016

Intrusive photographers and another wedding booking - 5th September 2014

On Monday I received the good news that I'd passed my audition to play piano accordion on the London Underground. Being as I won't be expending as much finger-energy violin playing, I shall hopefully be able to get back into the double bass (my favourite instrument).
At Green Park #1 today, an exotic-eyed lady told me that she wished she still played the "lovely" violin. She hadn't got around to having more lessons, which was a shame. A father with his shy little girl in a pushchair stopped to listen. I bent down and played as if I was giving the performance of my life for this half-smiling girl; willing her to be inspired to take up a musical instrument.
Conserving energy by playing easier tunes, I glanced to my left and saw a man on his knees taking a photograph of me with a big black camera which had an erect penis-like lens: I really object to people intrusively photographing / videoing me without permission and now, because I'm part of the TFL team I can't afford to lose my cool with the customers. Instead I gave the man a filthy look and turned my back to him so he'd get a crap shot. Possibly feeling guilty for being rude, he then threw £3 in my case. 
When people do ask my permission to take photographs, I'm more than happy to oblige as I did with a line of boys with mobile phones. A tiny old lady with a white bob (whom I inadvertently almost stabbed with my violin bow), approached me with £2, and towards the end of the session I was invited to play folk fiddle for a wedding at Brentwood Cathedral; my second wedding booking in less than a week.

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