Thursday, 8 December 2016

Windfall at Green Park #1 - 7th September 2014

"If I had it, I'd definitely give you some [money] 'cos I think you're great!" a gentleman praised me during my 8 am slot at Oxford Circus #2. Feeling energized after that, I concentrated on posture once again; on keeping my head as still as possible as I played (in a 'neutral' position). Performing and keeping still doesn't sit well with me at all, but it does help reduce tendon tension in my left forearm.
As I was getting up from having bent to rosin my bow, a man seemingly appeared out of nowhere and gave me a fright, exclaiming, "Beautiful!" as he flicked a coin in my direction, a kind-faced lady uttered, "Very nice - thank you!" and a stately black man folded a £5 note into a triangle for me (giving it less of a chance to blow out of my case). These encouragements made me feel grateful to still be busking in a climate where outside the Underground the council and police are criminalizing buskers and confiscating their instruments.
Walking up Oxford Street past the theatres on Shaftesbury Avenue and then onto Piccadilly eating a delicious treat is a pleasure at 10 am on a Sunday morning because the streets aren't teeming with tourists and I can take my time getting to Green Park. The station supervisor permitted me to start my second performance of the day on pitch #1 early (for 20 percent of my takings, he joked), where a 'Texan cowboy' gave me £2 and to my delight a student / traveller guy lowered a blue plastic bag full of small change, euros, a giant silver coin, remnants of roll-ups, bits of tin foil and a haematite heart down next to me. The bag promptly split and I struggled to collect the money back up, but this windfall had come at just the right time for me to pay my credit card and the heart will stay in my case as another 'good luck' charm.

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