Tuesday, 3 January 2017

So, so happy - 23rd May 2016

Montmartre, Paris, is a popular place for Asian brides to be photographed on their special day.
Corner of rue du Chevalier de la Barre, Paris
I'd wanted to play on this pitch ever since I began busking in Montmartre, but some showy accordionist or singer-guitarist had always beaten me to it. On this dull day, however, it was free and so I plumped to go for it - after I'd devoured a delicious crêpe with sugar from a nearby crêperie for energy. 
There were artists with drawing boards tucked underneath their arms, along with a couple of soldiers cradling machine guns milling around on the road in front of me; a surprisingly relaxed scene I slotted into perfectly. It felt empowering to still be playing my violin here despite all the fear that'd be generated by the attacks on Paris last year and in so doing, I imagined myself giving voice to the victims who'd been so senselessly silenced.

One of the many artists who walk all day up and down rue du Chevalier de la Barre, Montmartre, on the lookout for tourists to draw.
I saw another Japenese bride; a camp guy with flecks of red in his attire gave me two euros; two members of a gang of blonde kids rooted out coins from their wallets for me, and a winkey gent with a chestnut beard and his cheeks aflame made a contribution.

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